1C, Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, P.O Box 70867, Lagos, Nigeria
Working hours: Monday - Sunday, 08:00am-11:00pm


  • English Breakfast

 NGN 4000

2 Sunny side up or scrambled eggs served with hot dog, bacon, baked beans and toast bread

French Breakfast     

NGN 3900

2 Sunny side up or scrambled eggs served with your choice of croissant, toast bread , butter and jam

American Breakfast   

NGN 4000

2 Sunny side up or scrambled eggs served with bacon and pancakes

Lebanese Breakfast   

NGN 4000

Plate of Labneh ,zaatar , cheese & jam served with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, mint leaves and Lebanese bread

Bread Basket       

NGN 4000

Arugula, cherry tomato, shaved almonds, shallot vinaigrette
  • Man2ouche SAJ

Zaatar NGN 1000

Labneh NGN 1900

Cheese NGN 2500


Freshly baked baguette or croissant

            Fetta sandwich                

NGN 3600

Fetta cheese with Tomato, olives, Mint leaves, sumac & olive oil

Labneh sandwich            

NGN  5000

Homemade yogurt with Tomato, olives, Mint leaves, sumac and olive oil

   Ham sandwich              

NGN 3800

Ham on a spread of butter with lettuce, tomato and pickles.

Add Cheese NGN 800

Turkey sandwich                  

NGN 4000

Turkey on a spread of butter with lettuce, tomato & pickles.

Add Cheese   NGN  800

Croque Monsieur            

Toasted sliced bread stuffed with Ham, Cheese & Béchamel

Marcelino’s Combo          

A selection of homemade desserts and sandwiches


Banana split        

  • NGN 3500

Fresh banana served with strawberry, vanilla& chocolate ice cream topped with whipping cream & drizzled with chocolate sauce

Chocolate Mou                      

NGN 3500

Chocolate ice cream topped with whipping cream & drizzled with chocolate sauce

Marcelino’s homemade ice cream             

NGN 600

Choose from a variety of flavours on display (sold per scoop)



NGN  2600

Fondant au chocolate    

NGN   3500

Hot chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream 

Pain Perdu                   

NGN 3500

French toast flamed in butter, served with vanilla ice cream & caramelized nuts


NGN  2600

A golden brown waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar served with vanilla ice cream


Creamy hot middle eastern drink sprinkled with cinnamon with kaak

Cakes of the day                           

Make your choice from the display

Fruit Salad                          

NGN        2000



NGN  1200

A short, intensely flavorsome & rich coffee


NGN 2400

Two shots of espresso short


NGN 1200

Espresso diluted with hot water


NGN   1200

Espresso topped with little cap of foam

Café Latte         

NGN  1500

Espresso topped with velvety smooth steamed milk


  NGN      1500

  NEspresso with smooth steamed milk & glossy wet foam


NGN   1700

An indulgent blend of espresso & hot chocolate topped with velvety steamed milk



 Lebanese Coffee   

NGN   1000

Non Coffee Drink

Hot Tea

NGN 2000

Make your selection from the tea box

Chai Latte


A home recipe of spiced tea mix with hot steamed milk

Hot Chocolate       

NGN   2000

Made from the finest Cocoa & the freshest milk stirred to perfection

Lipton Tea

  NGN     1500

Cold blended drinks

Milk Shake

NGN 2800

Your choice of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry &banana


NGN  1200

Greek foam covered iced coffee


NGN  2000

Iced cappuccino topped with whipped cream

Mocha Frappe

  NGN      1600

Coffee with rich chocolate flavor blended with milk &ice, topped with whipped cream & chocolate drizzle


Soft drinks

NGN 900

Water – small

NGN  400

Water – large        

NGN 900

Fresh fruit juices

All our juices are freshly squeezed everyday on availability

Orange juice

NGN  2500

Pineapple juice

NGN   2500

Watermelon juice      

NGN   2500

Carrot juice

NGN    2500

Lemonade juice

NGN    2500

Mango juice         

NGN  2500

Watermelon & pineapple  

  NGN    2500

Orange &pineapple

NGN  2500

Carrot, orange &ginger

NGN 2500

Coconut juice

NGN  2500